Sunday, 14 March 2010

My custom fightstick

Even though I now use one of those lovely Madcatz Tournament Edition fightsticks to play my Street Fighter, I still own an old Hori EX2. It came out a long time ago, I barely used it, broke it and then left it in the cupboard. Thankfully Stick modder Extraordinaire, Cr0nt offered to max it out for me, with custom artwork and all the fancy buttons that make the Tournament Edition so lovely.
Progress has been slow, but things have begun to pick up pace recently. The main issue is that I've had difficulty choosing my artwork. I wanted to go for an old-school Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet look, but I'd been having difficulty finding the resource images. Then, whilst over at the awesome Omega Level, I had a brainwave: I have to dedicate my arcade stick to none other than Cumshot Legend: Mr. Peter North.

Here is a mock-up of my design, I hope you all like it. Feedback would, as always, be much appreciated.


cr0nt said...

I should probably tell you that the buttons and stick ball will be all white. Fix it. ^_^

cr0nt said...

Probably the best design ever considering your left hand will be resting on some testicles and your right hand on some cum covered maiden.


Caffeine Powered said...

I wish I could express how amazing I find this.

samboy said...

this is disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself!

have unicorns and pixies instead! (but not doing rude things!)

listen to nana!

vandalworks said...

I agree with sam. unicorn and pixie porn is the greatest.

"I'm horny"

"well you're a unicorn and have a horn"

"oh yeah... can I horn your pixie pussy?"


samboy said...



The Faux Bot said...

I'm telling you know that I have no plans to pay you royalties when I start up my new website 'Unicorns Fucking'. will feature horn-jobs and interracial pixie action.

Sorry, but that's business.

vandalworks said...

shouldnt it be called uniporn? you can have the name free of charge too. just free access!


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