Monday, 1 March 2010

'Heavy Rain' to face legal trouble

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream has been faced with legal trouble today due to an unforeseen copyright breach. It seems that the game shares it's name with a niche pornographic film that focuses on the toilet-time antics of heavy-set ladies, or BBW's, to use the industry term.

Infamous BBW/Watersports director Sean 'Bojack' Evans - the auteur behind the original Heavy Rain - was flattered when he thought his movie was garnering mainstream attention. "I kept hearing all this stuff about Heavy Rain on twitter and on the TV. Usually my movies don't get mentioned outside of the porn community, so I was instantly curious, but honoured all the same."

On further investigation, Mr. Evans discovered that it was not his movie being discussed, but in fact, a videogame baring the same name. "I thought I'd give it a try, just to see if there were any more similarities and it turns out there's loads!" Mr. Evans claims that the four interwoven narratives and themes of isolation, depression, redemption and liquid were all initially included in his movie. "This French fella is definitely ripping me off....there's even a few fatties in it, he's barely even covered his tracks!"

Mr. Evans is now pursuing legal action to have a cease and desist order placed upon the distribution of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain whilst a plagiarism case is formed. Stay tuned for further updates on this story.


Bojack85 said...

This is all news to me.

vandalworks said...

serious? i've ordered a ps3 just to play this game based on the amazing film of the same name! its not about large ladies leaking? bah.... talk about disappointing!

Caffeine Powered said...

Fucking amazing.

Sadly, I probably have a better chance of jacking it to the film then I do playing the game.

Not a knock on the game, I'm sure it's fantastic. But I'm buried in upcoming releases/backlogged games, but I'm always ready for a tug.


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