Thursday, 11 March 2010

FFXIII is out, apparently.

Seems everyone is playing Final Fantasy at the moment and I'm no different. I was actually a little scared when I finally got the disc into the drive on Tuesday night, if the scaremongering was anything to go by I was in for 70 miserable hours. My fears soon evaporated though as soon as I saw how beautiful everything looked. I'll forgive pretty much anything as long as I'm enjoying looking at it- that goes for games, women, movies, you name it, and that's why the early linearity isn't a big deal for me. Obviously at this stage my impressions are based on the first section of the game but I'm happy enough so far. I like the battle system even if it could use a few more options at the beginning and I like the level system even though it looks like it could have pretty limited scope.

It would appear the game is like the attractive woman at the bar, sure she's a little uncouth and and has an Aussie accent that makes your ears bleed a little but they are small flaws indeed next to her beauty. You'll still spend the whole night trying to get her drunk enough to go home with you. So far, so good.

The important part is that it feels like a FF game which is what I personally wanted to get out of it. Look at the character design and the flawless soundtrack side by side combined with the emotionally charged storyline and that's what you have.

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vandalworks said...

i'd rather go for the plump bird whos not the greatest to look at but still be able to have a nice good conversation about manic miner or teenage mutant ninja turtles after i've porked her. much more gratifying!


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