Monday, 15 March 2010

Yet another DLC 'outrage'

It seems like every other day now that there's some example of an outcry concerning overpriced or 'unfair' DLC. Capcom bleed you for Street Fighter costumes and now Activision want more money for Modern Warfare 2 maps. I've made my peace with Capcom - I'm going to buy those silly costumes if they make me, because that's the sort of schmuck I am. I'm not going to cry about it any more. Understandably, then, I can't see why anyone is moaning about the pricing for Modern Warfare 2's first downloadable map pack. Like that guy from Taken says 'the price is the price'.

The 'Stimulus Package' which is set to release first on the 360, will set players back an impressive £10 or $15 for five maps. On it's own that's fairly steep but the real kicker is that two of the maps are recycled from the first Modern Warfare.

As Kotaku points out, this really couldn't have come at a worse time. Even though it's hardly major news, it plays a part in solidifying just how crazy Activision are acting right now. Goose-stepping the Infinity Ward heads out of their offices [more] and denying their workers royalty payments. [more]

Is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 strong enough competition to add to this burgeoning cluster-fuck? You guys play it, so tell me and Uncle Bobby too, if you think he's listening.


vandalworks said...

I couldnt care less. I'd still rather play cod4, at least the level design in the new game will get better because of the older maps. traded mine in, no longer own the over-hyped piece of pap. its still a good game dont get me wrong, but why bother play a game when its not an improvement over the game before it?

Justtherightbullets said...

Wow, £10 to get frustrated in a (semi)new setting! That's how I want to spend my time.

Caffeine Powered said...

Being fiscally irresponsible, I've always shelled out money for DLC I want, while grousing. Like you said dude, people know that shit, and so they milk us fanboys for all it's worth.

I've just come to accept this, and continue being fiscally irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

bobby kotick is gonna get paaaaaiiiidddd lol

Bojack85 said...

I read a few days ago this map pack was going to be its £10! Fuck that, im not willing to pay that for a game I havent played since December and at that point I was sick of the cheaters using most of glitches available. No thanks I'll stick with Battlefield in future at least the DLC is free and available within a month of release.

cr0nt said...

You (purposefully?) omitted my favourite part of the whole 'Modern Warfare' affair - that Sledgehammer games (ex Visceral) will be making the next Modern Warfare (the next CoD after Treyarch release one xmas 2010 [when did this become an annual thing?]) and that it will be an ACTION ADVENTURE title. Fu**ing WIN lolololol [read: glad this franchise is dying...]


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