Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The princess is in another castle....oh, you want to go there? That'll be a tenner mate.

Surely it's not just me that thinks this whole DLC thing is getting a little out of hand. I'm all for it, or at least I would be if I could cite any good examples of it. Whenever someone mentions the term, all I can think about is how Namco Bandai use it to describe the unlock keys you pay for in their games. Beautiful Katamari and Soul Calibur 4 have a load of DLC available, all of it criminaly overpriced. The worst part is that the so-called downloadable content is already on the disc(s), Scamco simply charges you for the privilege of unlocking it. If that isn't criminal, then I don't know what is, robbing a bank or something, presumably.

One poor young man decided to take issue with Capcom pulling a similar stunt, by charging for an unlockable difficulty level for Mega Man 9. This is another horribly shitty business practice and the kid, albeit foolishly, tried to rage against the machine. Destructoid have been less than kind to him, which is a shame. Jim Sterling cites the best way to fight it is just simply to 'not buy it'. But when you know they simply carved off a chunk of the game that already existed and then tried to sell it to you as a separate product, you may get a tad frustrated.

Let's face it, the kid may be dumb and yes, perhaps sound a little 'whiny' but Capcom are the real fuckers here. Way to shaft your fans guys. Online co-op in Resi 5 to cost an extra fiver? Probably.

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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Geoff The Hero

For those of you who aren't aware of him Geoff Mendicino is the hero to whom I am referring and he just happens to be one of the funniest guys on the Internet. He is the proprietor of Freezecracker.com and its truly fantastic webshow - The Gameboys- which is responsible for gems such as Phoenix Wright talking to hobos and the worst reviews ever committed to video.

Perhaps my favourite thing about him though is his unique ability to turn team killing into an art form. Already banned from Call of Duty 4 and no doubt working his way to achieving the same status on Gears of War, Geoff is truly a hero for our time. I love to hear the hardcore players going apeshit. Serves them right for taking the game so seriously. I've kindly posted his Gears team killing video (no need to thank me) so turn the sound up and then go and explore the Freezecracker Youtube channel.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Potential headcrab infestation begins today

As some of you may know, an experiment is being conducted today. It's received a fair bit of media coverage and has something to do with protons, photons and other types of 'tons, not to mention recreating the Big Bang etc.

That awfully constructed sentence should show that I have absolutely no interest in current events and talking about them makes me seem foolish and uninformed. This is true, but it is a badge that I wear with pride as I am sure that if I began paying attention to the world, then my happy-go-lucky demeanour would be forever lost. The world as viewed through the eyes of the news is a depressing one, and one that I'd rather not participate in.

The other day, said experiment was brought to my attention. As I was told the details, I instantly assumed that I was being 'had' and blurted out 'That's the plot from Half-Life!" Duuuuuuuhhhhhhh. I later found out that this was not the case. I am now very excited to report that I was not the only one to assume that a portal to another dimension would be created and that our laboratories would soon be overrun with pesky headcrabs.

Thankfully, it seems that another Half-Life fan has taken action in order to help prevent such impeding doom. He has sent the scientists a crowbar. Genius.



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Monday, 1 September 2008

Gold whores - REPENT!

In my humble opinion there are three distinct groups of people who ponied up the 800 Microsoft Monopoly Points for the Arcade release of Fable 2's Pub Games; those who heard about the ludicrously generous glitch, those who had free points lying around and lastly, those people who are just morons.

More than likely, it is the gold-whore glitch exploiting little shitters that inhabit group one who happen to make up the biggest part of the game's ownership. I for one can't blame them. Whilst I feel that making life a little too easy for yourself in the world of Fable 2 will quite simply make the game utterly redundant, I am not above a little whoring myself, amassing around a million gold thanks to the glitch. I have now consciously stopped 'glitching' -to employ a COD4/GOW term- a decision that has been aided greatly by the release of the equally glitchy Castle Crashers. Sadly, Castle Crashers' glitches are hardly worth exploiting, unless there's something to be gained from constantly getting disconnected during co-op sessions and ridiculous amounts of lag during ranked matches. But, I digress....

Whilst it's far from concrete, rumour and rumblings suggest that there may be repercussions to exploiting the glitch. Technically, it's cheating and with Fable 2's emphasis on corruption and purity, and Lionhead's reluctance to release a patch, it would certainly seem that they are cooking up some sort of punishment for us. I may seriously reconsider transferring my gold, or I could just play it as a right evil bastard, only time will tell. Anyway, check the story on Kotaku just so you know that I'm not making it all up.

See you in Albion. The Faux Bot promises not to kill your wife.


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