Friday, 5 March 2010

Joe Danger finds his way Home

Self-proclaimed 'stunt-em-up' Joe Danger has finally been announced as a Playstation 3 title. There are no mentions of strict exclusivity at this point, but the game is an undeniably good fit for the PS3. With Modnation Racers on the way and Sony's commitment to Littlebigplanet creators Media Molecule -Sony having just bought them and making them a first-party developer- the PS3 is on it's way to becoming the creative gamer's console of choice.

Personally, this is very good for me. As XBOX seem to focus more and more on shooters and adding teh jetpackz to their Haloz, I'll be more than happy to sit with my 'Arthouse Console'.

Joe Danger looks almost as adorable as Littlebigplanet originally did. Creating my own stunts, making pitfalls for friends and enemies - this title has massive potential. Get this on your radar now, then you can say that you read about it in Edge 3 months ago and totally knew it was an Indie game classic in the making, allowing you to laud it up all over your poorly-informed friends. Definitely watch the trailer below.

Via Kotaku

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cr0nt said...

I know that the argument is that its more fun than Trials HD, and to be fair, I reckon it probably is. But my unwillingness to obtain a PS3 overshadows this.

If somebody were to, oh I don't know, just buy me one and insist that I have it over pain of death then I'd maybe look forward to it ^_^

Looks fun


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