Monday, 15 March 2010

Peter Molyneux employs Python

No, not that sort of Python. This sort:

That's right. Wannabe genius, professional delusionist and arse-puffer Peter Molyneux has employed the vocal talents of the actual genius John Cleese for his next installment in the massively disappointing Fable series.

You remember all those videos before Fable 2 came out? The ones where Pete threatened to change the gaming landscape and blow our feeble minds? Well, Pete now admits that they were all BULLSHIT because Fable 2 didn't have a fucking butler in it! Honestly, what kind of game doesn't have a butler in it!? How the fuck would I know when to change my character's clothes!? Thank Christ for John Cleese as 'Butler' then, because that's exactly what he does. You remember how shit the clothes were in Fable 2? WRONG! They weren't shit, YOU were shit because you didn't know how awesome they were! The Butler will stop this from ever happening again.

He may as well employ a real python seeing how little of a shit I give about the existence of this glorified DLC. Watch out Peter, you're upsetting the status quo with your revolutionary game design! What's that you say? You can now make wings come out of your character's back as well as making them burp? What a visionary.

via Kotaku


Caffeine Powered said...

You almost have to appreciate how much bullshit and hyperbole is thrown around regarding the Fable series.

I mean, it doesn't just fall flat, it breaks through the Earth's crust and comes out the other side.

It isn't like it's a stellar game that never achieves its goals. It's a mediocre game that doesn't even come close.

And this is coming from a guy who briefly enjoys them before moving on.

Bojack85 said...

Mate can i drive you to Lionhead studios? Id love to stick you in a room with Molyneux just to see what happens.

cr0nt said...

Funny that - I'm gonna meet him next week.


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