Monday, 15 March 2010

Mad miniature skills

A slow weekend recovering from illness has allowed me to jump on the Heavy Rain origami bandwagon. There are a few large scale versions around on-line so I thought I'd try and make a mini one. Here it is^^- I think we can all agree I have achieved a certain degree of success.


The Faux Bot said...

Ladies swoon at Krandal's mad origami skills. I wish I was a lady.

vandalworks said...

I can be a woman if he makes me some!

Rhiannon // Rhi-Mixx said...

This now joins:
1.Impressive juggling skills
2.His impression of Morbo singing 'Funky Town.'
As to 'Why the Ladies Love Krandal.'


cr0nt said...

Youtube NEEDS bop doing Morbo sings Funky

Bad News said...

he does it to lure kiddies into alley ways... Or so i was told


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