Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Coolest Game Characters of All Time: Voting Time

I can't believe we actually ran a feature for a whole week. Can you!? I doubt it, but sometimes we just pull these amazing things out of our collective behind. Sorry. Enough of this silliness, there are votes to be cast!

All week long you've been hearing from us about how our chosen character is cooler than the next and I don;t mind saying that they have all been thouroughly convincing. If you didn't write your own piece, then this is your chance to voice your opinion. We had enough ideas to easily run another week of this, but I don't want to get delusions of grandeur and frankly, I'm sick of typing the word 'cool' - it's almost lost all meaning to me. If you think there really is someone that we criminally left out, just let us know in the comments- I've already had an ear-bashing over Duke Nukem's absence.

I know polls are a sensitive issue here so I'm going to say just one thing. There are no prizes to be won. Only fame and adoration for a fictional character, so remember: when you cheat, you only cheat yourself. Your mother would be ashamed.


Jasmino924 said...

I think Nathan Drake is over-rated, however I am a little bit in love with Nolan North, AKA his voice.But I'm still not going to vote for him.

Sonic is a frikken' hedgehog! They get ran over by cars so he certainly does not get my vote.

I'll be honest, I've never even played Half-Life so I'm not voting for Gordon.

I will never vote for a guy who could shank me!

I'm totally cool and everybody knows it but my vote goes to Max Payne becuase I loved the MP film and Mark Wahlberg was total badass in it!

cr0nt said...

Oh crap, another Split-Screen poll? I call fix already ^_^

YEAH R0Y said...

had to go for the man himself ....

Max Payne

vandalworks said...

I'm sorta in disbelief theres not more cool characters out there. are these really the best we've got=/

Zangief for his original ending and spinning piledriver, he 'L' block in tetris, mario, toejam and earl, judy nailz from guitar hero, the agent from crackdown, sparkster from rocket knight adventures etc... I thought we were limited to one post each but dabnammmit!!!


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