Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Coolest Game Characters of All Time: Me

Yeah that's right, I am the coolest games character ever created. Or more accurately, we are. For me a game can become even better when you're able to put yourself into the world given to you as it instantly makes you care more about whats going on in front of you. Sports games were probably the earliest genre of game that allowed you to create yourself or someone else, where I've had serious success lifting various trophies on the PGA Tour, winning a World Cup as captain of the Welsh football team, beating the likes of Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams and Ronnie O' Sullivan at snooker, and lifting various Naismith Trophies with my beloved Toronto Raptors. I've even been a pretty decent skater in iterations of Tony Hawk and also Skate, whereas in real life I cant even stand on a skateboard!

Now that online gaming has become a huge deal, this is another place in which you or I become the avatar and deal death to others. Call of Duty for example, I don't play as a US Marine or a Russian, I play as me. I take decisions as I'd hope I would in real life, and become the soldiers in games like these. Even in games where a character was already named and a history given, my imagination erases this and puts me in its place. In a previous comment on the Sonic post, I mentioned how I relate to Mario and this being a reason I deem him cooler and perhaps it's because I put myself into these characters' places that makes this happen. I'm clearly not a speedy blur hedgehog. A fat plumber? That's more reasonable!

When it comes to videogames characters, none have come close to what we've achieved.

Here's to the Custom Character.

Here's to Us.


The Faux Bot said...

Curveball! Bam!

vandalworks said...

I dont know baseball... is a curveball a good thing?

The Faux Bot said...

Lol, it means your choice is unorthodox and 'out there'. Yes, it's good.

vandalworks said...

haha thank god for that! i stand by my choice anyways!

Caffeine Powered said...

Yo, there's something to be said for the custom character, for sure.

It's a bit more dope when you get to spend a ridiculous amount of time with a character you yourself created. Between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, I've got to have spent like a hundred fucking hours bonding with a character whose dumb face I designed.

Sure there are drawbacks as well, but it's a good point.

The Faux Bot said...

It's a double-edged sword really. Frankly, I'm rubbish. Videogames aren't all about escapism for me, but I do appreciate good character design.

You make an awesome point, but I pine for thoughtful character design.


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