Saturday, 13 March 2010

....And Justice For All

If you've ever played any game online and handled yourself pretty well there's a fair chance you've made some prick get mad and quit in an effort to take away your win. Street Fighter 4 is about the best example of this 'Rage Quitting' with sore losers quitting mid-match or just before the end in order to not give you the win.

Nowadays, anyone who plays SF4 online with have a disconnect percentage rating, but people still manage to slip through. Justice is served to such pricks in the form of
a website that names and shames quitters with screengrabs submitted by the cheated and disenfranchised. I wish I'd heard about this sooner. If it happens to you in future, make sure to submit and when you first visit, search for your gamertag. Only then can you understand the relief I felt at not being on there. Thank Christ.


Caffeine Powered said...

Please tell me the title of this is an intentional old school Metallica reference, harkening back to days before they made me disgusted.

The Faux Bot said...

Damn right it is! I try to only think about when they were rad. Positive repression.

vandalworks said...

i fucking love most of their stuff.

igglybuff said...

i gotta be on this site somewhere i've sent some pretty ridiculous hate mail on sf4 after quitting cause of bad lag or just the sheer fact that i can tell the person is a cunt through fight style

cr0nt said...

I can tell you, w/out searching, that I am not on that list. Even in a match where they could put their stick down, come toss my salad and then go back to where they were to finish me off with a perfect I would take my beating like a man.

Glad this managed to become a successor to thebadloserswallofshame

vandalworks said...

i've done it once or twice, but because of genuine disconnection. anyone who plays with me (heh) knows that sometimes when the phone goes off i get dc'd. its a damn nitemare!


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