Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Coolest Game Characters of All Time: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic series)

The thing about cool is that it emanates from within. There is no learning cool, or earning cool. You either are, or you are not. Many characters have strived for coolness over the years, and I'm sure my fellow contributors will construct good cases for their favourites through the week- as to why they should be crowned coolest. There is a clear victor in this category of course, and that is the immortal Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic can waltz to the top of this list wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers and white gloves. He needs no fancy props or foul mouth to aspire towards cool, as he is the very embodiment of the word. Destroying hoards of enemies and bosses using nothing but his speed and agility and always for the noblest of causes, he really is a hero. OK, so he's not packing a magnum .44 or throwing stars but that's because he doesn't need them to embarrass his foes. Sonic has a something far more deadly at his disposal. Style (Yeah, I went there).

Even too laid back and aloof for lovers, the first female into the Sonic universe was Amy Rose who immediately pursued a romantic interest in Sonic. Was he interested? Did he fall all over himself looking like a damn fool like so many hero-types since, as soon as a chick showed up? Did he hell. He treated her like she was in his way from day one and that just made her want him more.

If his very nature and attitude doesn't convince you that Sonic is the coolest game character of all time and you cant really figure out why you should place him above anyone else, consider this one important fact: for all he has achieved - he's not even trying that hard.

Sega invented cool. And it's blue.


vandalworks said...

i dispute sonics coolness, as his games werent as good as those starring a fat italian american plumber who did mushrooms.

cr0nt said...

I am with vworks, Sonic may have initially been cool, but he should have burnt out rather than fading away, the last 5 games in the series have been serious contenders for 'most guff game of the year'. Then there's all the extra characters that SEGA created to try to improve Sonic's cool factor and appeal - if he was the greatest character ever why would he need them?

vandalworks said...

I'm sorta looking forward to seeing how sonic 4 turns out, they've shunted all the characters off, and its 2D. could be interesting but mario was always the one!

The Faux Bot said...

Consider me sold. Dude, you just tore the roof off! (I don't really know what that means. I heard a rapper say it on telly. We can assume it means good though)

Justtherightbullets said...

@VWorks & @Cr0nt- Guys, again with the ball breaking. You have to separate the character from the games... It's coolest game character not coolest game series. Sonic can't help a few poor titles, he's just turning up for work.

Let me put it to you another way. Blade 3 by comparison to the first 2 movies was poor, however this doesn't change the fact Blade is still an amazing bad-ass.

cr0nt said...

Fair point, but I disagree and think all 3 blades suck lol.

vandalworks said...

nah i always thought the plumber was the cooler character and had more respect for him. sonics got great natural ability, mario has to work to collect things that can help him. he can jump and run a bit faster.

fatty wins!!! maybe its just that I kinda relate to mario more=D


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