Friday, 6 February 2009

A Thank You/A Big Announcement

Sometimes, a little effort goes a long way, doesn't it? As much as I enjoy writing here and discussing games in general, my motivation will often be lost to long days at work, or a busy schedule (yeah, right....) The point I'm trying to make is that I am genuinely grateful to everyone for their participation with the Skate 2 feature and I sincerely hope that the support continues. We need your comments to actually make it work and I couldn't be more genuine when I ask you to spread the word to anyone else who may be interested. I would love to build a community here, maybe even get a proper website, complete with messageboards, forums, the lot. But it can't be done without a readership and the recent show of support, however minimal, has shown me that it can be achieved with a little effort.

Also, I would like to say a special thank you to Paperboy for his orchestration of the competition, his continuous enthusiasm and giving me the first fully-formed feature that this blog has seen.

Now I'm sure you've heard this sort of hyperbole from me before, right? And I'm guessing you're pretty cynical, right? You have every right to be, which is why I refuse to sit still. Now that the Skate 2 feature is assured some sort of lifespan, I have cunningly began to plot my own nefarious scheme and by that I mean another feature. February 20th is a very special day for many of my friends and associates. If you care, you will of course know that this is the day that the console version of Street Fighter 4 sees it's UK release. To celebrate this, I would like to officially announce the upcoming Split-Screen Street Fight 4 Tournament. More awesome title is pending.

Have you taken that in? I'm not kidding. Due to a lack of a venue and a PS3, this comp will be strictly limited to 360 players only, sorry Paperboy. But should you wish to compete, I offer you the use of my XBOX as all matches will be somewhat determined by my schedule anyway. My intention is to referee via XBOX Live's part system, allowing the combatants to duke it out whilst I oversee and officially record the results. If there is no sort of spectator system in the game, then we shall just have to make do. Most of the details will become clear when we've all had a little hands-on time with the game and I know my what my boundaries are, however, for now, here are the facts:

- If enough of you get on board, this WILL HAPPEN
- I will be overseeing the event as a sort of referee
- There will be a Street Fighter-related prize for the winner, which I will be buying and will gladly send out via post.

So there you have it. Get on board, get prepared and get suggesting. Please use the comments box to let me know if you are even mildly interested and if you have any more suggestions, be it related to the competition structure, promotion or that all important prize. C'mon, who doesn't want to try and win some Street Fighter swag?

Zangief is in, are you?

The Faux Bot

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