Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter 4 Tournament - Progressing Nicely

Just a quick progress report for any that may have this down as another one of my wild fantasies. Quite a few names have signed up now and I have a few assured entries from people that are, at this current time, otherwise engaged. The first of 3 prizes has been purchased and I have begun deciding on the rules. More concrete details will be coming very soon, along with one of my ever-so-delightful banners to really seal the deal. For now, I've been keeping myself busy with some pixel work:

If any of you want to get on board with this, email me some headshots and I'll make yours too. It's work in progress at the moment, but if enough are interested, it could be a great feature for when posting the results. Keep on commenting kids, and don't forget to use your vote below.

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