Sunday, 1 February 2009

Don't call it a comeback.

A shiny penny to whoever gets that reference.

Usually, I have some sort of excuse for my long absences between posts, but this time I swear to you I have a genuine reason. No Internet for over 2 weeks! Can you believe that? That means no porn, no free communication and no Left 4 Dead. Needless to say, it's good to be back. Once again, I come bearing a gift, this one being a fantastic competition! Hold onto your johnsons though, it's not the kind where you, the reader, gets to win stuff, but more the kind that is a display of prowess between to eager competitors.

Me and my Skate-kin Paperboy have finally bridged the console barrier and will embark upon a duel of skill, the likes of which have never before been witnessed on this humble blog. That's right, Paperboy, I'm throwing down, I'm bringing it from all directions and very much getting up in your grill. Until now, the lack of a unifying platform has prevented us from competing, but the brilliance of Skate is about to change all that.

Through Skate's Skate Reel feature, we will be competing to better each other in set challenges of skill and the art of talking trash. I, myself have been schooled by Macho Man Randy Savage and have absolutely no fears. I can throwdown with the best, talk 'em so hard that they bleed and they reconsider life. Ooh yeah, you better feel it. But seriously, I rule and will win.

So, Paperboy, think you've got what it takes to better my toe-tagging skills? That's right, I said toe-tagging. Me and you, we're gonna make ourselves a toe-tagging video, post it through Skate Reel and see who's the best. All we need now is for you guys (our mammoth readership) to post your responses to each video/photo and vote for which you think is the best. If you read this and don't have a Blogger/Google account then now is the time to get one because we need all the input we can get. Tell all your friends and please help us make this a feature. Dean, I'm pretty much directly talking to you because you know plenty of skater-types and people who play Skate. Get on it.

So now you know the rules, stay tuned for the competitors and some top-drawer trash-talkin'!

The Faux Bot

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