Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Dead Rising 2 trailer you say?

When I was told about this yesterday, I instantly cried 'bullshit!' and I continued with my day, blissfully ignorant. The key point is that yesterday, I had not seen the trailer and I easily dismissed it as either someone getting their wires crossed with the Wii version of Dead Rising, or one of those horrible fake movies that mock you for following the link to a clearly fake trailer. I've had a few of those before, they suck.

Now that I've seen it, dubious as it may seem being filmed off a home screen, I want to believe that it's real. If this is fake, you've have to applaud it's creators for being so convincing. As always, I'm being incredibly naive, but I find it hard to believe that someone would go this far just for Youtube hits. You be the judge.

There's enough here to get me excited, whether it's real or not. I just desperately hope that Dead Rising 2 is more than a mere case of 'new weapons, new location'. There was a tonne of missed potential in the first Dead Rising, even more so in retrospect as I feel that the medium has genuinely evolved since it's release. We gamers expect a lot more post Gears of War, Littlebigplanet, MGS4 and GTAIV, to name but a few. Here's hoping that Capcom made a wise choice with rookie developers Blue Castle and that they aren't afraid to try new ideas, regardless of their experience.

The Faux Bot

What do you think, real or fake? What ideas do you think should make it to the sequel? Use the comments kids, I opened them up just for you. If you knew the spam it gets me, you'd appreciate it more, I swear.


Jon Davies said...

seems pretty real to me

Split-Screen said...

Turns out that this is indeed real! Awesome. Awesome to the max.

Anonymous said...

it is real and theres a new trailer
check it out


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