Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Skate 2 Trash Talkin' Throwdown: Round 3 - The Yogi Bear Special


For a moment there I doubted my ability. Watching the scorecards come in, feeling my lower lip tremble like Michael J. Fox eating a toffee, I was beginning to suspect I was the Norway of the Skate 2 world.

But 3-2? I'll take that loss like a man. A man who shaves with a piece of broken glass, and pops babies between his biceps for sport. Sort of a Thomas Jane figure. Certainly not a clueless powder-puff, or a corpulent film director/esure salesman.

Seeing as I picked the category last time, I will humbly concede the choice of next round to the faux bot. He was the best of us.

But know this, faux bot. Your words and actions have been a call to arms for me. Soon you will feel the cold bead of fear crest your forehead, and that shiver down your spine. Know that I will grind across your grave one day, and that day draws closer


It is with great pleasure that I choose our next theme as I was beginning to fear that I may never get the opportunity. You may still be wondering what all this has to do with Yogi Bear and it just so happens that I have the fact nuggets that your ever so hungry mind is now craving. Yogi is famous for the stealing of, and consequent eating of, picnic baskets. As you all know, Picnics, by law, can only be eaten from designated picnic tables. Moving scenery to make your own trick spots is a big feature of Skate 2 and the humble picnic table sees its fair share of action.

Round 3 is dedicated to Yogi's favourite surface, so we want to see the most interesting, creative or entertaining use of a picnic table. Be it in a line, or a single trick, this week's video must use picnic table(s) to great effect.

The Faux Bot

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