Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter 4 Tournament - STILL progressing nicely

This week I am finding it hard to think about anything other than Street Fighter 4. I've been bouncing around the house all day, announcing my actions in a loud, furious Engrish accent and humming my favourite BGM tunes. But there comes a time when all children must channel their energy into activities that are not simply about annoying the family. I have realised that my enthusiasm would be put to better use on here, so here's the tournament as it currently stands:

The rules: No Akuma. This isn't up for debate, he is, for want of a better term, a total and utter cunt. He exists to punish those who get too big for their boots and is about the most unbalanced character in the game. As a result, it wouldn't be fair if anyone was to use him. With this in mind, I am also considering banning Seth and Gouken. Gouken will no doubt be pretty much identical to Akuma and Seth is supposed to be some sort of Edge Master type of supercunt. This will be made more clear when the game actually comes out and I can assess it for myself. However, I welcome any arguments concerning these other characters because I am not 100% familiar with them.

As far as the matches are concerned, everything will be kept to default standards, as in best of 3 rounds, 90 second time limit etc. Winning the tournament will be determined through a points system. Each round won will give you a point to be added to your total. This way, everyone has something to fight for, rather than simply accepting defeat after a pasting in round 1. As for tie-break situations, they will be easily solved by a default brawl between the two competitors. Everyone involved will be fighting each other twice and I will endeavour to arrange matches around other people's schedules, so please try to be patient and understanding.

As I've already mentioned, these details aren't exactly 'solid' yet, but the benefit of posting them is that it gives you the opportunity to pitch in or criticise before it's too late. I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

The Prizes:

Because what constitutes a good prize all comes down to personal preference, I have decided it best that the winners are allowed to pick their prizes, with whoever comes in first place getting the first pick, naturally. The first that you see is actually now in my possession and the other will be very soon. With the prizes I wanted to put my money where mouth is, hopefully it's appreciated and will set the bar for future events.

Prize number one: Super-Deformed, Puzzle Fighter style Akuma figure:

Prize number 2: XBOX 360 Faceplate and console skin kit:
I've not decided on a third prize yet, but again, I'm open to suggestions. All you have to do is sign up if you fancy joining in. Don't worry about distance, if you need me to mail your prize to you, I will do so, happily. If I haven't spoken to you in person about it, just comment on the post to join in and let me know. All you need is regular access to an XBOX 360 with a gold account and a copy of Street Fighter 4.

I also mentioned before about creating some result screens for posting the results of each match. I've finished a mock up now, but if any of you actually want in on this, you're going to have to mail me photos as soon as possible so I can get started.


Keep watching for more updates, don't forget to vote in this week's Skate 2 Throwdown and get practicing if you want to win those prizes.

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