Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Skate 2 Trash Talkin' Throwdown: Round 2

Oh! Like that is it? Mock my failings with pictures of a saggy-boobed unfortunate, some sort of despotic director whose only claim to fame seems to be screaming at people more unfortunate than himself? Cajoling the deluded, who don't seem to be aware of sound crews, cameras poked directly in their stupid faces and the contracts they signed beforehand paying them a pittance? Fie! For shame!

See this? This is me, taking off the gloves. Why yes, they are fine Italian leather, but that's not the point. Now watch me cuff you soundly across the face. This challenge was a mere aperitif, and all it has shown me is that your technical skills are somewhat lacking. Yes, you can do rather pretty footplants, and I'm sure they will impress the impressible with their most spectacular nature. But you need to learn about the fine details.

Not only was your Koko B. Ware picture severely poor (where's the parrot? Sort it out!), but you can't even embed videos correctly! If you had seen the right hand side of the video, you would have seen a second skater I was controlling do a perfect 360 footplant off of TV's Adam West. But no. You "conveniently" need to sort out the kinks.

So I'm going to set you a challenge that will fulfil both a sense of the spectacular with an appreciation of the trimmings: Best stairset. All tricks in the line that blatantly are used to mount, scale or dismount the set count. All else is so much fumes.

Let the great experiment begin!


God, he does go on, doesn't he? Maybe if he spent less time finely crafting his words, then he would be able to spend more time dedicated to making a half-decent video. In case you had difficulty deciphering the facts in amongst such a flowery use of language, here they are:

Paperboy lost round 1 and is none-too-pleased about it.
Round 2 is dedicated to stair-sets; the best line or trick that involves a staircase. The line is the 'trimmings' to which Paperboy refers, so make sure to watch the presentation of the trick as a whole, but most importantly, just vote for whichever one you found to be the best.

Round 2 is proudly sponsored by Dr. Tobias Funke and Teamocil.

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