Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Skate 2 Trash Talkin' Throwdown: Round 2 - Stairsets

We officially made it to Round 2 and with both competitors still alive. The threat of death was actually very serious, contracts were mentioned, certain professionals were hired. But thankfully, that's all behind us now and we can continue with the healthy competition. With no further delay, I humbly present to you, our voting public, our submissions for round 2.

The Faux Bot:




If you have any trouble viewing the embedded videos, please follow the links below or switch to Firefox. In the meantime, I'm asking my 'html guy' to have a look. For now, courage.

Now, would you kindly let the voting commence by posting your comments below. Thank you!


Jon Davies said...

im going for the faux bot on this one, was very close but i just didnt dig the last 360 of paperboy's, just didn't feel it was needed didt look as fulid as it could be because of that .... sorry paperboy

PrestiegeWorldwide said...

gotta go with the faux bot on this one just for the fact that he had more stairs meaning he has the bigger balls

Folie A Deux said...

Sorry to buck the early trend on this one lads, but I'm putting my scorecard up for the paperboy. I think he's delivered on this one.


Irkin Invader said...

Man this ones tough!

The Faux Bot's stair set is bigger and his landing is smooth.

But Paperboys rail grind is spot on, and his 'Michael Bay' style camera move at the start really sells it!

But that being said, im going for The Faux Bot because he cleared the Stairset instead of grinding down it, and being a Skate player myself i appreciate that more!


Token Gestures said...

Not easy but I'm going to go with Paperboy here. I didnt enjoy the swirly camera work though in my hungover state.


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