Sunday, 22 February 2009

Don't Shit Your Pants

A good bit of general advice there, but also the name of an amusing little browser game I came across today. This text-based "survival horror" has you taking control of a hapless, pixellated chap who desperately needs to drop the kids off at the pool. Only one person can help him : You! Have fun trying out the various type commands and exploring all the possibilities. There are some equally amusing achievements and a good 10 minutes worth of replay value. I've successfully pooed now, but I cannot rest until I earn all of those awards.

If like me you love poo-poo humour and the mere use of the term 'poo-poo' is enough to make you laugh, you will thank me for this gem.

The Faux Bot

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Folie A Deux said...

What a way to end a week off...


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