Thursday, 10 September 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 PC User Mods.....on a 360!?

If seems that Valve are seriously considering a distribution method that could see user-created mods for the PC version of L4D2 making their way to lowly 360 gamers. Whilst the content would be restricted, omitting references to licensed material, I can't help but contain my enthusiasm. As you may remember, I've gotten a little excited over PC mods before. Despite licensed material being omitted, we would still get more content, direct from the community. That, my friends, is awesome!

Valve have said that this model could see the authors getting paid for their work too, as nothing is ever free on XBOX Live. Good news then......for the authors at least.

The above screenshot is just one example of why user mods are Look, I'm not into rape or anything.

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Esra said...

What the fuck? İt's perfect zombie...I love u so much...I want u...