Tuesday, 14 July 2009

You've got red on you...

There are a fair few occasions when I both regret and want to punch myself in the balls for not getting a decent gaming PC together. Despite the fact that all my communal gaming takes place on XBOX Live, I'd be able to tear myself away for some of the fantastic user-created mods for games such as Left 4 Dead. If you know me, then you'll know all about my constant nerd-boner for all things Zombie, be it Romero's finest work (everything except 'Diary') and the ever-brilliant Shaun of The Dead.

So, as if someone were trying to rub it in: they've only gone and made a Shaun mod for Left 4 Dead. The bastards. Looks awesome, right?


The Faux Bot


vandalworks said...

that does look pretty darn sweet man.

speaking of sweet...



Split-Screen said...

God yes. A thousand times yes. It's almost as if they planned it with Midnight release hijinks in mind.

Folie A Deux said...

If I may play devils advocate for a moment, I'm worried that unless that uber edition of COD costs a couple of thousand bucks those NVG's will be nothing more than a toy with green lens'.

What do ya'll think?


Split-Screen said...

I know it sounds too good to be true. But I'm such a foolish optimist!

Folie A Deux said...

I hope your optimism is rewarded Mr. Bot. Whenever real people (as opposed to Infinity Ward's official unboxer, Mr. P.H Schwarzer) get their hands on them and the reviews start flowing we'll have a look. Or rather they will, and we'll listen to them talk.