Thursday, 10 September 2009

Street Fighter 4 goes back to the old school

If I didn't know better, this blog could easily pass for a Street Fighter fansite at times. I guess I just jump on anything Street Fighter, so sue me. Anyway, Shoryuken forum member steamboy33 re-drew characters from Street Fighter 4 as sprites in the style of Street fighter 3. What's more, is that he has also super-imposed some of them into mocked up fight screens.

Massively impressive, I'm sure you'll agree and a striking reminder of just how gorgeous SF3 was, as if one was needed. Hopefully the impending SFIV Dash update, whatever it may be, will take it's cues from SF3's stunning backdrops. Come on Capcom.

To summarise: wow.

via Kotaku

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cr0nt said...

awesome - i'd love to see the boat stage. and makoto - she was better than my viper ;)

for beauty we just need to wait until next year for Blaz Blue!!!