Monday, 14 September 2009

FFXIII voice acting

Having recently had the Blu ray player vs PS3 discussion (again) with The Faux Bot and Prof. Membrain it got me thinking about Final Fantasy XIII. FFXIII looking better, on less disks and with the possibility of dual audio was a definite pull for me. Having said that, no one seems prepared to commit to any actual details about the 360 and PS3 versions. What there is though is virtual confirmation the versions will be the same, and there are snippets of evidence that the XBOX may drag it down for everyone, which would suck as so far the XBOX has been pretty good to me.

There are a couple of interviews around with producer Yoshinori Kitase to be found. Back on May 12th Kotaku had

"Obviously, when we talk about XIII it's for PS3 and Xbox – with PS3 being on Blu ray there would be enough memory, but on Xbox probably not. At the moment we're thinking of releasing the voice in English only".

On August 20th RPG Site had

"RPGSite: What of the two dubs? Will either version of the game ship with dual audio options?
Yoshinori Kitase: Both languages in each version?
RPGSite: Yes.
Yoshinori Kitase: Currently that looks unlikely."

Read the interview in full and you'll see there's a segment on how changes had to be made so it suited both machines and they didn't have to dumb-down aspects of the the game for any console exclusively blah blah blah. Surely the bottom line is if dual audio fits on the PS3's disc, fucking put it on there.

I don't religiously read game sites and magazines so If I'm unaware of any developments on this front please let me know.

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cr0nt said...

What about them spreading it across 3 discs for the ps3 so they get the rpg feeling?? ^_^

For real, Mass Effect 2 will be better. Because I can't afford to spend 2 months ignoring my girlfriend and work.