Friday, 11 September 2009

Never one to buck a trend

I really shouldn't be posting any more Street Fighter toys, but still...

Anyone who knows me will know I often get put off by highly articulated figures, thinking the joints to be ugly and opting for a more static model. These however look really good, Ryu & Ken especially. They're a bargain too, at a pre-order price of $44.99 for the three from BigBadToystore.


cr0nt said...

holy crap - maybe this means viper is popular enough to make it into SF4' (that's street fighter IV [prime - dash if you will]) which will be my greatest hope. That and Dhalsim's stage. And online training mode.

vandalworks said...

man they're the alternative versions of the ones i have. new set of three out are chun li, guile, and akuma. and yes.... i want them!