Monday, 21 September 2009

What's this!? An actual scoop?

If you're at all familiar with the amount of Street Fighter games out there, then you'll know that Capcom love their sequels. Street Fighter 2 alone had Championship edition, Super edition, Turbo edition, etc, etc. The list goes on and is superbly illustrated by this epic Street Fighter timeline. It's inevitable then that they should, in a timely fashion, be providing us fanboys with an update to Street Fighter 4. Whilst the rest of the Internet goes wild with speculation, I can provide you with so em slightly more concrete information thanks to my friend in a high place and his grilling of an ever-so-slightly big-mouthed Capcom rep.

Here's what we know:

Street Fighter 4 -Dash, as it's tentatively known will, amongst other things, feature:
10 new Characters
The return of SF2's car smash-up bonus stages
Sorted online lobbies, replete with quarter mode (winner stays on)
New stages
New moves for each character
Cross-compatibility with current downloadable content

Sounds awesome, I'm sure you'll agree. Hopefully this all turns out to be true and it's on it's way. My prediction is that we'll see it hit this February at the earliest. More scoops from my secretive contact coming soon.

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