Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gameswipe. Oh yeah.

Sometimes the show we're all hoping comes along. This is one of those times. Go follow the link and enjoy this- you only have to be half the cynical bastard Brooker himself is to find his take on things informative and hilarious. I caught this at 1.50am last night but people who have lives and help make up society can watch it at a more reasonable time on the BBCiPlayer.

The only downside is unfortunately for now this is a one-off show. Brooker says they'd make another one if asked though and maybe they'll even cover games on Screenwipe in the future.


vandalworks said...

on his twitter page hes stated that going by ratings it had more viewers than any screenwipe or newswipe. good start?

still bummed it was for people who dont know an awful lot about games...90% of people watching already know this stuff! and if people dont know they'd fun it much more fun to immerse themselves in gaming and find out fgor themselves than to find out what it all means on a tv show. bah.

cr0nt said...

I'd happily just have Charlie Brooker presenting all of the shows on tv. Got back from lecturing undergraduates so maybe it had increased my cynicism but I still enjoyed it. When I grow up I (a) want to drive like I did in GTA 1 on PS1 and (b) sound like that Rab guy.

I've actually played Hover Bovver... sad they didn't mention the all time best ever adventure game - Day of the Tentacle