Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The History of Hockey Videogames

Ice hockey was the only sport that ever managed to hold my interest, with the exception of basketball, when I were a lad, and my interest has been on the grow over the past year thanks to a fantasy hockey league run by a good friend. You may know him. It always struck me as logical that picking up one of EA's NHL games would be an excellent 'in' for me to get back to grips with the sport, but alas, I find them complicated and alienating. I promise that I will make the commitment to getting NHL 10 and working at it, should friend reviews recommend it.

It would seem that Hockey and videogames have gone hand-in-hand for some time now, a theory backed up by a fascinating article over at The Pens Blog and, to me at least, epitomised by Kevin Smith's best Mallrat - Brody. Whilst I'm no fan of Sidney Crosby (this is based on attitude as opposed to talent) I cannot ignore this article. There are some links to emulators and roms for some of the older titles should you get curious, and it charts a completely thorough history, raking up a few you may have forgotten. Go read.

Makes me want to dredge up a basketball one just to reminisce over NBA Jam. God that game was awesome, who's with me? Also, whilst we're on the subject, would anyone else like to see more sports games coverage on the site? It's an area in which we are criminally lacking. Any volunteers? Good pay and benefits (lie) apply in the comments.


vandalworks said...

man, i wouldnt happily bring my snes to your dwelling if you would so wish to play some nba jam. one of my fave games of all time. charlotte were my choice back then, LJ was tha man! but yeah man, when i saw this it got me thinking about basketball games and about how maybe i'd have a go at writing summin for this... joint experiment perhaps?

The Faux Bot said...

Yes dude! Hell yes! Have a think and let me know what you come up with.

dr_chez said...

If you are talking NBA dude, you gotta look at 'NBA Showtime' on the Dreamcast... The single best basketball game of all time. The Stockton-Malone partnership was unplayable.

vandalworks said...

played an nba game on the dreamcast but cant remember what.... nba jam, total nba with its squeeks and shiny floors, nba fast streak for the first time i encountered customising a player, nba live 2001 on the ps2, and now the 2k versus live on current consoles. thats where i'm at!