Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter 4 Tournament - Weekly Update

After our first week of free-for-all-ing, this is how the leaderboard looks:

Some incredibly close matches this week: I'm informed that vandalworks and the Prof fought right down to the wire, as I know I did when fighting therightbullets. The Red Cyclone and Sagat always make for an interesting match-up. Prof. Membrain continues to play up to the suggestion that he may in fact be able to manipulate the Matrix as he daps me with a rising dragon punch, despite the round seeming as if it was over. My psych-out tactics, faithfully replicated from the Bart Simpson school of psych-outs, seemed to work on Bojack this week as my Zangief finally beat his Cammy.

I hope you are all enjoying the free-for-all template as much as I am, keep having your fights and check back at the end of each week to see how you all stand. Also, I've noticed that all of my fight-commentating concerns my matches only. If you want your tales of daring-do recounted here, give me exciting details and/or quotes when reporting results.


cr0nt said...

Glad to see its coming on - I want to play!

I take it trbullets didn't take my advice of viper vs. your 'gief but hey ho - you'll have to wait and play mine!

Justtherightbullets said...

We had already played before I saw you.