Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Split-Screen Podcast: Episode 4: Love and Gaming

We are officially running on new hardware with this episode, and thankfully, you should now be able to hear everything! We haven't quite got the editing down yet, but one step at a time folks. For now, enjoy some clear audio and the soothing tones of me, therightbullets and Prof Membrain.

In this episode we discuss love in games and I still can't seem to stop whining about Peter Molyneux. I'm becoming rather worried now as I don't even have to google him to check that I'm spelling his surname correctly. Creepy.

Anyway, enjoy and comment, for there are three hearts on the line this time.

I've streamlined it so that it is now a wma file and I have only posted it on Megaupload. If any of you require different file types or want to see it back on last.Fm, just let me know and I'll happily oblige.

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


vandalworks said...

listening to this right now... thanks for thanking me! tis a pleasure as always to participate in games with thee fine-selves! I almost blushed harhar!

Bojack85 said...

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