Tuesday, 8 September 2009

After Arkham

By now, the majority of us have completed Batman: Arkham Asylum and are hard at work bettering each other's challenge scores as we dream of a sequel. Let's face it, being insatiable, Generation Y entertainment junkies, our mindset will always lead to 'what's next?' or 'I want more!'.

The people best primed for imagining settings and scenarios for an Arkham sequel are those with an encyclopedic knowledge of Batman storylines. Thank God then that the writers over at Gamesradar have gone and done the work for us. In an article speculating the villains that would appear in a sequel, they also touch upon potential storylines and settings. By far the most interesting and appealing of these potentials, is one based upon the 'No Man's Land' scenario. 'No Man's Land' saw Gotham being hit by a major earthquake that divided up the city and left it being designated a no man's land by the government, with all bridges destroyed and citizens forbidden from leaving or entering. Villains such as Two-Face, Bane and Zsaz carve up the city into chunks, leaving Batman with the task of taking the city back piece by piece.

With Gotham being too vast a setting to provide an adequate sequel to Arkham, the idea of having a closed-off section becomes all the more appealing, especially with it being ravaged by natural disaster. What this would also leave potential for is a cleansing, or liberating mechanic, a la' Freedom Fighters. Deciding which area to tackle and when would add another fantastic element to an already brilliant set of features.

Obviously this is only speculative and we've got a long wait ahead of us, but dreaming is what keeps me ticking over. This dream was brought to you in part by Paperboy. Oh yeah, and don't forget the link to that Gamesradar article.

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