Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter 4 Tournament -This time, it really is AWWWWN

Well, that was another embarrassing delay, wasn't it? Thankfully, it's over now and we are very much entering the 'business end' of the tournament - the Semi Finals, thanks to Muzzledgrunt graciously bowing out due to his crippling connection issues. Somehow I have managed to creep into fourth and secure myself a place, I still am totally unaware of how this came to be. Nevertheless, I am giggling with glee and simultaneously shitting myself with fear. This is a messy and socially crippling combo. Here's the table ya goddamn Juggalos.

The fact that there is a seven point deficit between me and my next opponent is what has me cacking myself. Wait..............I mean BRING IT AWWWWN!


Prof. Membrain (1) vs The Faux Bot (4)

Bojack85 (3) vs vandalworks (2)

Good luck gentlemen. No retreat, no surrender.

I was going to apologise for how badly written this is until I remembered that I'm doing this just after waking up and before I leave for work. I've not even finished my coffee yet. I'm probably going to have a headache all day now. I hope you appreciate it. Bastards.


vandalworks said...

is that five fights(as in two rounds per fight) or five rounds in one fight?


The Faux Bot said...

Five rounds in one fight. Make it a bit more meaty.

vandalworks said...

ah very well! that means 3 more chances to have my ass whooped! whoever makes it to the final can we maybe arrange to have it somewhere? lag free with plenty of mirth!!

The Faux Bot said...

I'd be up for that.

cr0nt said...

god damn, that took some time! Looking forward to getting in on the next iteration - hopefully AFTER I get my stick back from Kris or I'm gonna get a stern beating.

Until then I'll be swearing at the orange box because portal won't give me my * cakes and gold medal achievements because I've played the Still Alive XBLA game and completed it. Which is nice. Having spent all that time (about 6 hours) getting gold medals on the 6 maps. Bastar*s. Thankfully Sir Gadd gave me said beating on SF to take my mind off it.