Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Videogames an Art?


Now then, this guy doesnt feel that videogames can be art, and that we, the gamers, will not experience games becoming 'art' in our lifetimes. I felt compelled to add my thoughts on this topic.

You see, I've always believed that gaming, even tabletop gaming has always been looked down upon from people in other fields of entertainment and media. Anytime there is something in the games industry that is seen as being controversal the media whip up a storm. Past posts include the now infamous "titchmarsh" incident, where I'm sure no-one needs reminding of this. But heres my point, most art movements and forms of media where frowned upon upon their births, even after decades. This makes me believe that it doesnt matter what people outside the gaming community think, its about what we, the people who live and enjoy this exciting and still young medium think and feel about the games we play.

The videogames industry will be frowned upon for many more years, and whether it is viewed any differently when I'm sat in a rocking chair retro gaming with Super Street Fighter XX Walking Stick edition I do not care, because I know I'll see moments of utter briiliance from some of the most creative people in any media related industry in the world.

The icing on the cake, is how slowly videogames are inspiring art.

Art to me is all about passing a message and stoking up some emotion, so thank fuck for the experiences I've had in this amazing world we call 'Games'.


Richard said...

Completely agree with you. I studied Media Arts at uni. Got lots of concerned/ funny looks when I tried to argue that games can be just as valid for story telling and stuff. Same goes for art/ game graphics and such. Just be nice if a few more people acknowledged that.

Love that top Mario pic by the way, who did it/ where's if from?

vandalworks said...

Its by http://www.jimiyo.com/

some amazing artwork on there=]

Richard said...

Cool! Thank you very much!

The Faux Bot said...

I guess the main thing to remember is that, as a medium, games are still in their infancy. And, like Ebert says, why are so many gamers so desperate for their medium to be validated?

Most concepts of art are totally elitist and massively outdated. If games aren't for Ebert, fair enough, but the idea of dismissing a medium simply because it doesn't fit his definition of 'art' is moronic. I'd have more respect for his argument if it wasn't so heavily tainted by his disdain for videogames. He can't argue the case for art when he's so massively blinded by his own personal distaste for games in general.

If games can't be art, then fuck art. I love pop culture and mass consumerism. Andy Warhol would have been making videogames and he would have gone nuts for Noby Noby Boy.

vandalworks said...

Thing is though, everything in todays society is based on opinion and popularity. Art critics will look at some artists work with disdain, but if Saatchi comes along and buys it, the same critics will go back and praise them. How can I take these critics views seriously?

Whether videogames are art or not its upto us, the gamers, to how much kudos we place upon the people who create these visions and interactive goodness. For me, it could never be enough.

Richard said...

Personally, I'd like to think its only a matter of time before games get the wider recognition as an art form they deserve. They've fought long and hard to start moving into the mainsteam, so surely this should eventually follow? There's a hell of a lot of 'proper' art created as part of the concept/ production process, the finished article translates this. Besides, good art can spark a bit of debate. Like games do.

They're getting there.



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