Thursday, 8 April 2010

TV game advertising

Always interested in the way games are advertised, I thought I'd share this UK advert for Pokemon SoulSilver/ HeartGold.

After watching, do you feel:

a) I'm going to buy the new Pokemon
b) I'm going to buy the older Pokemon Gold/Silver
c) I was more interested in the pretty lady
d) What's a Chansey?

I can't decide if this type of advert helps to raise sales. Does the 'She's playing it so I want to' tact really ever work? Lets be honest, it's not the first time we've seen this and it wont be the last.

As an interesting (!) side note, while searching for this video I found a Gamefaqs thread discussing the advert. Not interesting at all until one of the users claimed to be the girl in the advert and provided the following picture to those challenging her claim. Heh. Very nice.

The thread is dire if you read it all, a collection of trolls and weirdos (nothing at all like our high-brow corner of the internet), but as ever with this type of thread it's good for a laugh.


The Faux Bot said...

Look at her norks. Gimme Pokemans NOW! Nintendo's advertising is at it's best when it's in weird, Space 2001-esque plain white furnished rooms but I'll settle for this. They shoudl wedge the game down her cleavage. It would sexually confuse a whole generation of kids. They'd form psycho-sexual complexes about boobs/eggs and evolution. Brilliant.

cr0nt said...

Fuck her, after reading TFB's last sentence I want a naked Darwin, with huge norks, playing pokemon with his pole. That'd be the shit. I'd buy pokemon if they did that.


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