Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Natal rears its head again

As the first possible 'leaked' pictures' of Natal come out and start doing the rounds, I can't help thinking two things. The first is that hard facts and information are still lacking, and the second is at this point I cannot see a future in which I'm using this system. Of course it's early days and information will come whenever its ready, but with rumours of unreasonable space requirements among other things already raising eyebrows, I've begun to wonder what everyone else thinks?

Feel free to elaborate in the comments section. Or not. Jerks.


The Faux Bot said...

I still don't give a crap. It's not like I'm resisting change or anything, I wouldn't be so narrow-sighted, but WHERE ARE THE GAMES!

Voice-command facebook can suck my dick, they need to show me how this makes games better.

iandrinkwater said...

I'm going to buy one just because I'm an asshole who is Day One for pretty much anything. I'm not particularly excited for it, but I'll have a neurotic twitch if I think people are experiencing something dope and I'm not.

cr0nt said...

I don't know what a lot of games have planned for it, but to use it to augment my pad based controls might be okay.

It can detect my mood by reading facial expressions at something happening in the game and change future events based on it.

However, my game face is beyond epic so I might just confuse the hell out of it.

I'm pretty much expecting a metric butt-ton of shovelware to go with it, a la the Wii back catalogue, but hopefully a little down the line it might have SOME use.

cr0nt said...

Don't you just love how they sent it to an Italian tester (no doubt to check different language recognition) and gave him the American English instructions?!

vandalworks said...

I'm intrigued but a tad apprehensive. Theres definately scope there if it can read emotions consistantly, imaging playing RPG's (I'm looking at JTRB) and you have to talk to people, and be genuine? It'd be like you're acting, perhaps what some games industry peoples have been trying to achieve.... although perhaps they're just better off making a film.

Interrogation could work well, plus theres the motion capture much akin to the wii. I'm definately interested to see what they do and how they employ it into games, but it does make me worry about the shovelware. My main issue is practicality.

Firmly sat on the fence.

Richard said...

If my experiences with the Wii are anything to got by, I think I'll pass. It's not a tech thing, because it does look impressive, it's more that if I'm playing alone and having to move/ dance/ wave/ yell at the game I feel like a bit of a wanker. I get way more self-conscious playing alone like that than I do in a group.

I think its in case the neighbours see and assume I'm insane, cos there's no other logical reason springing to mind.


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