Monday, 5 April 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have created NEWS!

Ah CVG, you loveable tykes: looks like appealing to a demographic of 14 year old hormonal crotch-tuggers has truly stunted any sort of imagination or integrity that you may have once had. CVG often likes to post 'news' about how EDGE - a magazine published by the same company -keeps giving out ludicrous and unfair review scores, sometimes as horrifyingly low as 6 out of 10 for major blockbusters like Yakuza 3!

Sorry, I should really dispense with the sarcasm now. CVG are at it again though; this morning posting about Quentin Tarantino's 'controversial' views on video games. Apparently, he doesn't like them. Knowing that their readers will nerd-rage over just about anything, some choice quotes and a bit of spin ensure that it will cause some manner of debate and therefore, PAGEVIEWS. Is this surprising to anyone with a shred of intelligence? That a filmmaker wouldn't be that interested in games? Particularly a filmmaker who has made his career on having an encyclopedic knowledge of his medium - how would he even find time? I'm willing to let him off in light of this and as thanks for all the hours of joy that his movies have brought me.

Remaining on form, the retards happily get on board, denouncing Tarantino and his films. Thankfully and surprisingly, a few of the CVG user comments have proved insightful: my personal favourite being 'this is news?'. Conveniently enough, I also have the answer to that question. You, me and CVG have made this news. A few throwaway statements made back in February have made it around at least four websites so far, three of which actually have massive readerships. It wasn't news, but now it is and I feel slightly dirty.

Kotaku via CVG via The Telegraph

Split-Screen fact: Me and Tarantino both share the same face and hairline.

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