Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Split-Screen Podcast Episode 7: Sandwichcast

Today I have mainly been thinking about sandwiches. In fact, aside from my morning toast, I have exclusively eaten sandwiches today. Even then, toast is sort of in the same genre (the bread genre). It's fitting then, that this illustrious, seventh episode of our almighty podcast is named in tribute to the sandwich. I think we mention them a few times, along with me bumming Capcom, more wild, unfounded statements about the industry and some discussion over the nature of achievements.

Validation, as in comments, is entirely necessary. Thanks for listening.

Download it here


cr0nt said...

Mediafire that next time.

That minute waiting time sucks doo-doo. Like you doo-doo.

gturtle343 said...

I concur. I have to wait to get home to download it beacuse MegaUpload is blocked at work. :/

The Faux Bot said...

Noted gentlemen. Mediafire it shall be from now.

vandalworks said...

Mike Myers is something we definately need to play again. I'll get onto Marc and the guys to organise a night we can all roughly be online!

Anonymous said...

yeah it better be fucking media fire i refuse to dl this shit a fucking minute i do not think fucking so! FUCK


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