Monday, 19 April 2010

Earthworm Jim HD makes me ponder

Do I need more HD remakes of games I owned several years ago? The list of HD revions that I own seems to be growing by the week. Last week it was Final Fight, this week may see me buying After Burner and we've got this elastic-headed buffoon to look forward to even further down the line.

I'm tempted to say that I'm sick of paying for theses remakes. The only reason I buy them is so that the old games I loved now sit better on my HD screen, not to mention that I'm also being saved the trouble of tracking down the old cartridges and machines that I foolishly sold as a child.

The optimistic outlook is that this is one step closer to a non platform-specific future. It's a while off, but this trend could be showing the beginnings of what the future of gaming will be; emulated games that run on any hardware - giving you a versatile back catalogue that isn't constrained by your choice of hardware.

It's late. Lost is really fucking with my head as I desperately try to catch up with the rest of the world and I really should be in bed already. I just thought it was worth noting that my initial despair at 'yet another HD remake' has been turned around and could actually prove to be a postive stride towards the future of gaming. It's a nice, socialist future where consoles can be afforded by all and no-one has to worry about choosing the wrong one, for games are no longer constrained by.......sorry. I'll stop now.


1. Yes, I do think the people in this trailer are knobs.
2. Youtube is being a jerk and won't let us embed in anything other than widescreen now. As you can see, this makes Blogger go nuts. Fear not, we'll have a proper website in a few months!


Justtherightbullets said...

I wonder what the split is between people who buy and download these updated/re-released titles? - People reliving a title they enjoyed years ago compared to people playing for the first time (younger gamers or people who just want to find out what they missed first time round). I guess there's no way of telling.

cr0nt said...

The only two game remakes that will now get me to pay my hard earned cash are Grim Fandango and Strider. Nothing else please.

Its a very sorry state of affairs that really new and exciting games like Fez, which is due to hit XBLA (exclusive) in a month or so is gonna be drowned out in these endless remakes.

These young people that have never experienced them the first time around aren't really getting to do so now - all bells and whistles, remade to fit our fancy tvs, with internet connectivity. They are tech-savvy enough to be able to figure out how to download a rom. And should do so.

I'm done with remakes. Give me new ideas. This IS NOT HOLLYWOOD.

cr0nt said...

Oh, and as long as the purpose of making video games is to make money for the company (read: the majority of the stuff you will see on shelves), your dream will never come to fruition. Now go back to Russia commie.

The Faux Bot said...

In Soviet Russia, game re-make you!


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