Friday, 2 April 2010

Coolness officially bestowed upon Street Fighter

If you needed more convincing that Super Street Fighter 4 was going to be the raddest thing to happen to gaming ever, then Capcom has the answer in the form of it's print advertising campaign. Getting together with some of the biggest names in contemporary graphic design and graffiti, Capcom have produced a unique set of posters boasting the game's new feature sets and showing off some of the new characters. 123Klan, Dalek, Futura, Cody Hudson and Grotesk have all contributed. Seems like Capcom have done their homework. Futura fans tend to have massive disposable incomes, you should see the prices that guy charges for scribbling on military jackets....
However, I digress. Futura has skill got it, I loved Grotesk's artwork for The Cool Kids and 123 Klan are so cool they'll make you reconsider the French. The ads will run in Complex and Vice amongst other publications- this is some smart marketing, hitting the borderline hipsters right where it hurts.
Enjoy radness:
GroteskSee the rest over at the Capcom Unity blogs (source)


cr0nt said...

So awesome I might even look at picking up a copy of Vice.

The Faux Bot said...

NO! Don't, I heard you can catch 'hipster's disease' from it!

cr0nt said...

Crap, I don't want to be a hipster scumbag.
Guess I'll just have to look at them here.

Oh and for all you hipsters. Die.

The Faux Bot said...

Wait. I think I might be a hipster. Shit, I don't know anymore.


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