Sunday, 25 April 2010

Getting a little tired of this crap.

Living in Britain occasionally sucks more than normal. I've slowly come to terms with living in a land where finding (official release) anime is like pulling teeth, and now it seems we're set to be left out in the cold once again. I am of course talking about the best limited edition set to ever see the light of day- Record of Agarest War.

Why would such a thing not warrant a UK release?! Official OST, pillow case and an oppai mouse pad wonderfully describes as 'sensual'.

Set for North American release on Tuesday (27th), not only is the UK not getting this XBOX giga-edition we're not even getting the game. This XBOX version is apparently a port, and the original PS3 version is available. Can you guess what the PS3 collectors version comes with? An art book, a poster and some art cards >_<. Don't make me fucking laugh, I'd rather not have access to a version at all than have access to an inferior version. The game looks mildly interesting but not a definite buy on its own- that XBOX version swag would have tipped me over the edge, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I let another shitty art-book persuade me of anything.


The Faux Bot said...

Why don't you own one of those mousepads already? You become more and more like Otacon by the day and that's why I love you.

cr0nt said...

Erm, we have the best BlazBlue release package of any country. Yes we got it A YEAR LATE. And online is like being raped by Daigo in SF but still. It's beautiful. And has a booby lady.


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