Sunday, 25 April 2010

Jet Set Radio coming to XBLA?

A leaked image of an XBOX 360 dashboard shows, amongst others, Jet Set Radio as being a recently played game. It adds weight to rumours of a slew of Dreamcast classics that are set to head to XBLA over the course of the year.

If this is real, then I'm about to reach new levels of wonderment and happiness. Do you know how much I love this game? Obviously, I do, but my ongoing struggle to resist talking about my dick leaves me drawing a blank as to how I can convey this to you. For the foreseeable future, I am unable to effectively express myself.

I had a countdown on my calendar leading up to the release of this game on the Dreamcast and I sank countless hours into completing it 100% - it was then, and in a lot of ways, still is, the most imaginative and captivating game ever.

I wish I could control myself over stuff like this, but then I realise what my alternatives are. It's impossible for me to give a shit about the likes of another Halo game when, by comparison, an up-scaled version of a game I've already cleaned out several times just seems more alluring. Games like Jet Set Radio are something of a forgotten art now. So many titles have such lacklustre mechanics and art direction, that contemporary gamers, or 'the kids' as I prefer to call them, can be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing beyond realistic war shooters and sports sims. I'm sure most are happy with their lot, but the lefty optimist in me sees the potential for this game to be discovered by a whole new generation. Hopefully it will resonate with them as much as it did with me, so that they too may go on noble quests to express themselves without talking about their genitalia.

via Kotaku


Justtherightbullets said...

I can only imagine your reaction to seeing that screen-shot. It must have been like laying eyes upon a god^^.

YEAH R0Y said...

yes...... fucking yes !!!

hope it still has the Guitar Vader tracks on it "super brother" is fucking rad

i am full on aroused right now.

wanna touch wangs?

thank you for making my year, ..... possibly

Caffeine Powered said...

A fucking XBL version of JSR would induce a painful, bloated, three-inch purple boner in my pants.

The Faux Bot said...


.....oh, who am I kidding?

Gentlemen, let us bust our shorts!

I propose that we get together for some sort of Sega-induced circle jerk. We'll take photos and put them up on here. It'll be great.


Any excuse to whip your alternative coloured wang out eh man? To be fair I totally agree with you on this one. I get over excited about anything Sega... especially Dreamcast stuff. I'm actually on a bus now reading this with my pants down. Just gave a granny a heart attack... don't worry it was her time.


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