Friday, 23 October 2009

A winner is you!

Weeks have gone by and yet I still pine for our beloved Street Fighter 4 tournament. I feverishly try to make leagues out of everything now; secretly challenging my family to pooing competitions and seeing how many more cups of tea I can drink per day. All have proved fruitless so far. Never mind though, for as I mentioned earlier, bigger and better things are now in the works!

For now, just enjoy this bevvy of post-tourney material:

Vandalworks and myself facing off at our winners ceremony:

Vandalworks allowing his figures to frolic with their newly-acquired friend:

A desktop image lovingly provided by Cr0nt, may we all set it as our backgrounds in some sort of display of uniform weirdness:


cr0nt said...

The photo makes me want to see a Rassa backdrop for SSF4...

cr0nt said...

Of course I meant Rassau, but suddenly came over too lazy to type.

We could call it Kradal Cul-de-Sac. Anyone got the PC version to mod it?

cr0nt said...

This is getting really old really quick.


Justtherightbullets said...

Lmao, it took me a minute to see what you'd done. Good work dude^^