Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Split-Screen Street Fighter 4 Tournament - THE END

It is both upsetting and a slight relief to say that our beloved Street Fighter 4 tournament has finally come to an end. We've seen fighters come and go and we've had endless delays, but you all stuck with it and for that I can't thank you enough. So, in case you hadn't already heard the news, there is indeed a winner and that man is the ever-awesome VANDALWORKS! Give the man a round of applause ladies and gentlemen, for he is one with a true fighting spirit; a noble warrior and a great opponent. Vandalworks, I salute you and I am more than happy to be handing over the gold trophy to you. This means that I came second place and get to keep the silver for myself, which is nice. Whilst I intended to mail the trophy, I think a celebratory pint and mini awards ceremony is in order, I'll see if I can twist Mr. Works' arm and get some photos of that on here too.

Special mention goes to Prof. Membrain and Bojack for coming so close but losing out on the semis. Man of the tournament award goes to Nafunk for sticking with constant beatings for as long as humanly possible. His determination and courage is an inspiration to us all. I would personally like to thank you all for taking part and generally giving a shit, not to mention putting up with the numerous delays. A particular and heartfelt thank you goes out to my brother Krandal (justtherightbullets) for single-handedly organising this and making it all work with his immense knowledge of systems, leagues and those pesky numbers.

Despite reaching the end, I'm finding it hard be too saddened. I've learned so much from this and enjoyed it so much that more events and tourneys are already in the works. I'm always cautious of making grandiose promises about awesome things I'd love to do, so I'll keep it under the few hats that know for now, but hopefully the future will bring bigger and better things for our expending community.

For now, keep reading, keep listening to the podcasts and know that I am truly grateful for every second you spend here. Thank you all.


cr0nt said...

Congrats guys, all of you.

I do wish that there were videos of everything from the semis on. Shame, maybe there is a video recording device under one of those aforementioned hats having been unnoticed and unused.

Jon Davies said...

nice one boys, its been fun fun to read about the beat-downs and such.

Bravo kev .... vandalwork.

look forward to new tournaments soon, maybe one that i can take part in ;)

vandalworks said...

ah cheers folks, i'm still wondering how i managed to pull it off!

i want to dedicate this trophy to nafunk and the amazing spirit shown, he is a credit to gamers everywhere.

i hope this trophy means i have a license to dragon punch anyone i want.....

Bojack85 said...

So whats the next tourny gonna be???? UFC?? COD??? Gears?????? itching for more competetive action!!!!

cr0nt said...

Why can't the next one be SF again?
We know everyone has it now, and I suck at shooting non-zombie types ^_^

I think trb and TFB deserve a month off after organising this as well as they have, but clearly we're all on tenterhooks as to what it'll be next so they better not take too long!

Bojack85 said...

Gotta mix it up a bit i suck at street fighter but still took part . Cod has to be the next tourny!!!!!

cr0nt said...

Shame, I'll be a discerning spectator for the next one as well then (no longer have cod4 - was gifted to mein bruder), maybe in that case I could help to organise it and in that way those taking part only have to worry about taking orders of who to play and when?

Bojack85 said...

I suppose there aint no reason why more than one tourny can take place. Maybe we could do a poll n let the people decide!