Thursday, 8 October 2009

I feel that a tone-lowering is in order.

We've had a lot of serious discussion around here lately, and whilst I welcome it, I still get a little antsy when no-one mentions boobs, dicks or farts. Luckily, I will always be on hand to take the moral barometer down a few clicks, with today being no exception.

If I could read kanji, then Hachi Koi - a touchscreen dating sim on the DS- would be exactly the kind of game that I would play. Bit-titted, totally legal, girls line up so that you may attempt to woo them through a series of dates, conversations and *ahem* 'actions'. The DS touchscreen is used for far more than cycling through dialogue tree options though, far more indeed. Applying lotion to a sunbathing girl's back is proof enough that Hachi Koi is the most innovative use of the DS hardware since The Phantom Hourglass.

One of the girls, or victims if you prefer, that is subject to your in-game advances is a portly lass by the name of Kasugaoka Kurumi. She likes chocolate: a characteristic that has impressively managed to warrant it's very own web-based Tetris spin-off. The standard Tetris shapes are made from chocolate squares and with the clearing of each line, you are rewarded with the sounds of Kurumi's 'enjoyment'. Play it with the sound on, and definitely try to clear four lines at once. Click here.

Via Tiny Cartridge

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