Saturday, 24 October 2009

A winner is everyone

Huzzah, those of us who held off buying the PS3 as a cheap(er) blu ray player rejoice!

Microsoft have given us the news that Toshiba and Samsung are working on (external) solutions to bring BluRay to the 360 (sourced from destructoid but I cannot for the life of me find the URL I had open two minutes ago)! Only time will tell if we manage to get an internal, because my usb slots are reserved for charging my pads and my arcade stick but this news must make us all (except maybe The Faux Bot) even happier!

Would anyone buy the external drive if it was made? I made the assumption that it would be usb based, but I'm not sure whether or not the bus speed is high enough or even how technically they can get the required power to it without taking up another PCI slot (and I don't see a gap for one). Will it affect in any way or tempt people that would otherwise have bought a PS3 and send them over to the Rebel Alliance that is MS (probably the ONLY instance where MS are the people who don't think that people will pay whatever they charge for whatever machine they bring out)? Discuss people.

[EDIT: seems it was this man being an idiot again]

It still astounds me that he is the CEO of MS...


Bojack85 said...

Sorry to burst the bubble here but theres no blu-ray drive coming to the 360, it was actually meant for the PC as microsoft is focusing on streaming 1080p HD movies through xbox live which renders the need for a blu ray add on useless.

If u really want a blu ray player just buy a standalone player as it wouldnt surprise me if they were to release an add on they would probably charge you just as much as a stand alone player.

cr0nt said...

but Steve Ballmer is freaking nuts.

Bojack85 said...

that story has been updated mate to say what i said in my previous comment. Ballmer is batshit crazy!!!

cr0nt said...

/yeah, it was me who updated it ^_^