Saturday, 3 October 2009

It's official

I have no real reason as to why it's taken me so goddamn long to blog about just how official SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 now is. Seriously, it's fucking happening, after months of us speculating and self-erecting, Capcom are providing us with officially-sanctioned nerd-boner fodder. I don't know what else to say, other than to re-iterate that I am SUPER hyped (heh) and present you with this fine selection of collected material:

No doubt there are more additions yet to be announced, but what do you all think of what's been shown so far? Personally, I think T Hawk looks like the prick he always was and that Ultra Combo looks ridiculous. Seems to be more powerful than Zangief's with far more of a reach. What a bugger. As for Juri, that costume is a bit rubbish, but she has perhaps the coolest Ultra ever oh, and I already miss the old announcer. *sob*

Now, before you argue with me to the death, here is my list of favourite things that I like to hear Yoshinori Ono's translator say: 'beef up the online modes', '8-ish new characters', 'play in larger groups', 'see what is going on with other people', 'brand new openings and endings', 'too much for dlc', 'won't be a full-priced game' and 'the thing I would like to make the most is a new Darkstalkers'. Jurassic Park.


cr0nt said...

You missed the most important points.

1) No More "Indeeeeeestructable"
2) Seth is still the boss and you will like him even less
5) Bonus rounds

There was one more thing that I was thinking but can't recollect right now - will update when brain kicks in to gear!

Still, Spring 2010 is still a long way away - and we will have BlazBlue (the Calamity Trigger sub has been dropped for the EU release) in Jan (or Feb) so it'll take some more time to get back in to the SFIV time windows etc. I call shotgun on getting all of Viper's trials done first and unlocking her new titles and icons [fingers crossed for Dhalsim's stage having a rejuvanation]

cr0nt said...

Oh and as for the T. Hawk ultra being nuts I bet that Juri has the same health rating as Akuma - so it will look a lot more against her than someone with average health like Ryu or above ave (Abel, Rufus, Zangief, Sagat) - here's hoping Viper's stamina has been buffed slightly - its hard enough to pull off her moves perfectly - lets at least have a smidgen more health so we can fuck up once without dying...

The Faux Bot said...

"Indeeeeeestructable" is fucking brilliant. Frankly, I'm gutted to hear it's not going to be in there.

cr0nt said...

I can get you the MP3 and if you miss it so bad play it through the WMP on the xbox as it loads up... ^_^

The Faux Bot said...