Sunday, 11 October 2009

Scribblenauts is officially rubbish now

I've been enjoying Scribblenauts' menu screen time-sink for some time now. Endlessly feeding donuts to my T Rex, then making him kill a goblin. Things were going well and I was happily on the bandwagon; proclaiming the game as pure genius and forcing boyish enthusiasm onto my friends. Last night, this all changed.

I continued with the puzzle mode - the actual 'game' element of Scribblenauts - and found it pleasing enough until I reached Level 3-1 where you are asked to 'Give Santa something he likes'. "Easy", I think to myself, "Mince Pie". It spawns. It's a little on the big side, but it spawns and I'm still happy. I give it to Santa, he doesn't eat it. I'm thinking that the Santa I know would have wolfed that right down and gingerly asked for another. Something is amiss and I'm angry now.

I think I have figured out the problem though and it is that Scribblenauts is, unfortunately, developed by dirty bloody yanks! Stupid Americans who think that 'Santa' prefers cookies. I let it slide when they failed to address him by his proper name -Father Christmas- but failing to acknowledge his love of Mince Pies is a step too far. Me and Scribblenauts have now gone our separate ways, it's for the best. I'm almost upset enough to delete this stinking turd from my R4.

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