Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A nerd by any other name..

Being a self-proclaimed 'proud' nerd is something that comes with time; time that allows you to find your own particular nerd niche, something that can only be discovered by indulging in as many nerdy pursuits as possible. It should go without saying then, that at one point in my life, I painted and collected Citadel Miniatures, for use with Warhammer 40,000 and it's counterparts.

Chaos Demons, Space Orks, Space Wolves - at the tender age of 13 these were about as rad as it got. I cared not about my social standing, because all of my friends loved them too. Whilst I've not dabbled in the hobby for some time now, it's seeing images like the ones below that tempts me back towards it. If I had the time and the money, I probably would have already.

Rob Jedi is some sort of custom model genius, given that he's outfitted his band of pirates with their very own Big Daddy-inspired steampunk robo-suit.

These are probably the coolest miniatures I've ever seen and he's gone the extra mile by making an accompanying Little Sister too. Kudos.

It has to be said, that these images have rekindled my love for the hobby like nothing else, but, I shall remain dedicated to videogames and wonder out loud "what the hell happened to that Blood Bowl game!?"

Update to self - it came out already, but only on PC, then PSP and DS!

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vandalworks said...

man, blood bowl the game is one of my proudest posessions! my human team was the balls. just put some old minis up on ebay funnily enough. never really got into 40k, but blood bowl was just too good!=]

vandalworks said...

oh and i forgot to mention, the first group of pics look like they're from a game called warmachine. when i was in uni a couple of fellow nerds talked about it and said it was pretty good. looks really similar to that anyhoos!

Split-Screen said...

shit man, you're right. No wonder they look so different to the regular Warhammer stuff.

vandalworks said...

it was supposed to be pretty good tho from what i was called... bit cheaper than games workshop too!

oh about the blood bowl game, i do happen to have the beta. dont think its on anymore but played a couple of games and it was pretty cool. turnbased it was anyway, dont know if the realtime mode was on there!

cr0nt said...

Noone else thinks that the little sister looks like Jimmy Cranky?