Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Split-Screen Podcast: Episode 3

Alright, I'll admit it. The second part of Episode 2 kinda went AWOL, and we're still asking you to endure with our poor sound quality, but what we lack in professionalism, we make up for in AWESOME! Yes, that's right, 'AWESOME' is a quantifiable measure. It has a scale and everything.

So, here is Episode 3. The sound is.....varied, there's 2 whole minutes of awkward Bojack85 love and we announce a new competition. What more do you want? Bad Albion-esque accents, you say? Boy, are you in for a treat!





Seriously though, any home recording tips?

The Faux Bot


cr0nt said...

What are you using to record? Crack open MS Paint and get us the schematics of your setup and we'll see what we can do.

Split-Screen said...

Kinda solved it. Picking up a half-decent digital dictaphone with a USB out and room for an omni-directional mic. Decent podcasts await! Also, with the equipment being super-portable, leaves it open for more frequent recording with plenty of guests!

Bojack85 said...

sorry gents but I couldnt listen for long, I couldnt hear what you were saying in the first 12 minutes